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There is an increasingly strong requirement for consumption measuring systems, both in the industrial context and in the tertiary and managerial sectors.
For both medium-sized and larger, energy-intensive buildings, we create systems that are able to meet all legal requirements (Italian legislative decree 102/2014) with meticulous energy measurement, cost metering and apportionment. We offer monitoring of electrical, thermal and water energy and of all the main environmental parameters for the management of buildings and production processes: temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2.
Our monitoring systems also support instrumentation that is certified to the most advanced metrological standards, in-line with Directive 2004/22/EC of 31/03/2004 on Measuring Instruments - known as the “Measuring Instruments Directive”.

Thanks to our high-efficiency radio technology, Coster Group’s monitoring systems do not require wired communication networks, ensuring easy installation and maximum flexibility of usage. The Regula wireless solution is reliable, robust and immune to any interference. It covers long distances with several years’ operational range.

Thanks to the scalability of the systems and the possibility to integrate them, supervision and automation of installations to be monitored can be activated at any time.
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